Own your equity on chain. Not paper.

Get, store, send, sell equity of projects you related with.

Owning equity in a project means to benefit from its performance

With Equity Wallet you are strongly and inevitably linked to projects performance by technology, not paper.

Equity Wallet is built on blockchain — immutable decentralized data base that can’t be manipulated or shutdown.

Your equity is safe and sound because you don't need to trust anybody.

Our awesome features

All your equity in different projects at your fingertips

Equity secured on blockchain can be inherited to dedicated wallets with no paper work

Get inevitable payouts according to your equity

When someone pays for a product or service provided by a project in which you have equity you are immediately get paid from this purchase pro-rata your %. Payouts are managed by Smart Contracts and executed automatically.

Our awesome features
Our awesome features

Transfer your equity as easy as send a message

Just enter % of equity and receiver’s username to send it or price to sell it.

Capabilities to store your equity on Equity Wallet

Total Transparency

All project numbers and transactions are visible to you: treasury, cashflow, shares etc.

Inevitability of Payouts

Automatic revenue distribution according to your equity is ensured by Smart Contracts — self-executing programs on blockchain.

Inability to manipulate

Blockchain technology makes it impossible to delete, change or fake any data including your % of equity.

Easy to Transfer

Sell or send your equity in one tap.

Keep your equity based on code — not on promises

Our awesome features
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