Turn your time into equity

Earn equity as fast as you make your first contribution

Everyone’s contribution matters

Watch why we build Impact Wallet and how it works

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Work for equity. Not salary

Impact Wallet automatically makes you a shareholder of the organization you contribute your labor to.

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Time you spent to contribute will work for you. Forever.

Time you spent to contribute to the project is recorded and used to calculate Impact Shares. The quantity of Impact Shares influences your Equity. You get dividends based on your Equity.

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How the Impact Organization works

When someone pays for a product or service provided by Impact Organization every contributor inevitably gets dividends pro-rata their Equity.

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Impact Wallet is decentralized that guarantees you:

Trust due to Transparency

No one can deceive you. All numbers (profit, shares etc) and all transactions are visible to all members.

Inevitability of Payment

No one can decline or block dividend payments. Smart contract ensures automatic execution of all payments.


No one can shut the system down. Its decentralised structure. No one can drain your wallet.


No one can earn at the expense of you. Everyone's share is formed and distributed automatically in proportion of their contribution to the common business.


No one can take your contribution away. Blockchain technology makes it impossible to delete or change data about your contribution.


No one can trace your purchases when you buy stuff using your wallet.

The power of Impact Organization

Everyone's earnings depends on success of organization so everyone does their best at their position

The quality of services and products grows

Members' earnings grow

People still get their dividends even if they stop contributing

Our awesome features
Our awesome features

Get your dividends in USDC - digital dollar

Impact Wallet works with USDC by Circle — a reliable crypto currency you can send around the world, pay for goods and services, or save for the future. Every digital dollar of USDC can always be exchanged 1:1 for cash.

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What is Impactonomy?

A new model of cooperation and collaboration between people based on contribution everyone makes to the common business and fair revenue distribution in proportion of Impact everyone's made.